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Urban & Colors Balene Shade
Urban & Colors
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glazed porcelain (gl) | brick | 6x25 - th. 9 mm | 6x25 balene track brick, 12x25x6 balene shade brick angolo

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Urban & Colors is the new collection designed by Andrea Castrignano to provide a sensitive response to the needs of our customers. This brick-effect porcelain stoneware, in the 6x25 cm size, comes in a versatile, sophisticated range of colours, ideal for contemporary settings.
The new brick-effect series offers two distinct colour solutions: the pale, dusty shades of blue and brown appear on both elegant plain-coloured tiles (“Baltic T.U”, “Balene T.U”, “Bracco T.U”) and tiles with a sophisticated degradé effect, for an original, contemporary look (“Bracco Shade”, “Balene Shade”, “Baltic Shade”). Designed with the more outgoing customer in mind is “Track”, the striking brick tile ideal for a confident, more industrial style that brings out all the character of the material: perfect for a loft-style apartment, or to give a more aggressive slant to the familiar white colour. Available in the 6x25 size, Track comes in a pack with 17 different textures: from the geometric, stylised forms of the barcode to metal mesh, focusing on the theme of traces, signs, metropolitan graffiti, without becoming too overpowering. The Urban & Colors collection is noted with the NCS - Natural Colour System®©, for creating perfect tone-on-tone and contrasting combinations on both floors and walls.