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Fori Romani Statuario | Decoro Tracce
Fori Romani
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full body porcelain stoneware (gl), glazed porcelain (gl) | marble | 30,5x60,5 - th. 9,5 mm, 30x60 - th. 9,5 mm, 7,5x45 - th. 10 mm, 7,5x45 - th. 10 mm, 7,5x40,7 - th. 10 mm | 30x60 statuario patchwork mix 30x60, 5x60 statuario listello patchwork, 7,5x45 statuario decoro tracce, 7,5x45 statuario battiscopa

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No material is more reminiscent of the splendour and sophisticated, striking opulence of ancient Rome than marble. And it is this very spirit we have sought to bring a modern twist to with Fori Romani, the new marble-effect porcelain stoneware collection.
Cutting-edge research thus teams with sophistication in an intensely expressive collection, in five shades designed to mimic all the beauty and timeless elegance of marble: Grigio Tundra, Grigio Imperiale, Statuario, Calacatta and Crema Marfil. Time-worn marble surfaces are featured on a porcelain stoneware with an elegant satin-look finish created thanks to special glazes with a slightly textured surface, perceptible to the touch only. A perfect blend of beauty and technical performance, Fori Romani comes in four sizes (30.5x60.5, 30x60 rectified, 7.5x45 and the innovative 7.5x40.7 pressed Chevron), each able to bring a touch of style to any setting, be it residential or commercial. The offer is complete with a range of customisable decorative elements for both walls and floors in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.