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Amarcord Tortora | Mosaico
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Product description

full body porcelain stoneware (gl) | cements and resins | 80x80 - th. 10,5 mm, 60,5x60,5 - th. 10 mm, 30,5x60,5 - th. 9,5 mm, 60x60 - th. 10 mm, 30x60 - th. 9,5 mm | 30x30 tortora mosaico, 7,5x60 tortora battiscopa rettificato, 8x45 ar tortora battiscopa, 30x30 tortora gradino lineare + toro, 30x30 tortora naturale gradino angolo + toro

Product family


Amarcord, patterned floor tiles, arises from research aimed at defining two products that can live together in the same dwelling. A “cotto” and wood that become one single product interpreted graphically according to concrete’s aesthetics. Amarcord not only allows you to combine two materials with different patterns and origins, but also to develop extremely consistent and harmonious schemes in the same or different rooms. “Cotto” adds a classic touch to the living areas and cozy wood brings warmth and comfort in the bedrooms. In this re-reading of the most intimate identity of traditional materials, fashion meets our daily life in a design intended to give a linear, harmonious and trendy image of our homes.