Product description

Innovative and aesthetically pleasing frameless acoustic ceiling island, offering excellent sound absorption and supplied in a smooth, deep-matt, super white surface providing high light reflection, light diffusion and anti-static properties, extending its product lifetime.
Rockfon Eclipse is available in a variety of shaped formats with a clean minimalistic A edge and an unlimited custom colour range using NCS.
Quick and easy to install, Rockfon Eclipse can be used alone or where a traditional suspended ceiling cannot be installed.
Perfect for thermal mass installations with rear surface providing excellent heat and light reflection.

Stone wool island
Visible side: smooth, deep matt, super white painted fleece
Rear side: white backing fleece
Painted edges

Technical data

Sound absorption
Aeq (m2/item)
* Distance between items greater or equal to 2000mm. Further acoustic data available; contact your local Rockfon technical support.

Indoor environment
A selection of Rockfon products have been awarded the
Finnish M1 emission classification for building materials
and the Danish Indoor Climate Label for low emission

Stone wool provides no sustenance to microorganisms

Reaction to fire
Rockfon Eclipse Rectangle 2360: A2-s1,d0

Product family


Featuring our whitest, smoothest finishes, the Design White series is an assortment of ceilings available with a full range of edges and formats, including special dimensions.