Product description

34 exclusive colours for acoustic ceiling and wall solutions to inspire and enhance your interior design scheme.
Subtle to bold long lasting colours, arranged in six themes. Total design freedom due to exposed, semi-concealed and concealed edges in a large variety of module sizes.

Stone wool tile
Visible side: smooth coloured, matt fleece
Rear side: back fleece

Technical data

Sound absorption
αw: up to 1.00 (Class A)
Rockfon Color-All Mercury: Class A2-s1,d0

Indoor environment
A selection of Rockfon products have been awarded the
Finnish M1 emission classification for building materials
and the Danish Indoor Climate Label for low emission

Stone wool provides no sustenance to microorganisms

Reaction to fire

Product family


Use our ceilings in the Design Decoration category to bring colour and dynamic, beautiful style to any space in a full selection of formats and edges.

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Rockfon’s Color-all® is a series of beautiful, certified-acoustic ceilings. With 34 colours curated by sensory experts, the selection adheres to the latest nature-inspired design and wellness trends. Watch the video to explore the colours of