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Oslo Gas Fire Table
Oslo Gas Fire Table
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Using our linear gas burner, the Oslo Gas Fire Table is an impressive sight to behold. With the same sloping sides as the Aztec, the Oslo retains the clean aesthetic while offering a much larger fire profile.

The line of flame created by the linear gas burner creates a stunning effect as the eye is drawn across the surface of the fire table top.

The gas fire table base is made from laser cut stainless steel or weathered Cor-Ten steel. Atop the base sits the stunning granite. Quality control is extremely important with products of this value and the high-quality materials are thoroughly inspected and approved before assembly takes place.

The table is powered by a our CE approved linear gas burner, which is exclusive to Rivelin and was designed in-house by our engineers. The option of LPG or natural gas is available with the burner.

The Oslo also comes with a removable, toughened glass wind-shield which is ideal on breezy evenings and an all-weather cover to keep the table in pristine condition over the winter and in adverse weather.

The fire is controlled by a manual gas valve which is housed inside a powder coated stainless steel enclosure on the side of the table. Turning the gas valve and pressing the battery powered ignition lights the pilot light and you can then adjust the height of the flames to meet your demands. Alternatively an electronic touch pad control can be mounted on the side wall of the table or up to 8m away.

Dimensions: 1800mm (L) x 1050mm (D) x 450mm (H)
Base Weight: 105kg
Granite Top Weight: 135kg
Total Weight: 240kg