The sculptural Fiamma lamp is a marvel of organic harmony. The body of the lamp is made from ancient Swamp Kauri wood dated about 48,000 years. The Swamp Kauri is considered to be one of the rarest and oldest timber in the world. Riva continues to create designs that are contemporary while respecting classic artifacts of the past. These new objects are speaking about the 21st. Century, about new form, new constructs, communication, the spirit of our shrinking world, the passing of time and our future. Yet they are made by hand in this beautiful natural ancient material. Now, Fiamma illuminates from within with LED lighting, bringing the ancient with the futuristic together in technorganic unity.

L. 30 - P. 30 - H. 180

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Whether it is a space, product, fashion item or an ornamentation, Karim Rashid’s work is very distinctive: an ultra-bright empire of colour and organic shapes.