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Soccer City Stadion
concrete skin - Facade
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Product description

Product: Exterior - fibreC 13mm

Product Information:
Final round for mounting the high-tech façade of the Soccer City Stadium

Among the competitors for the realisation of the stadium façade in Johannesburg Rieder was striking for the complete, ecological, future-oriented and efficient conception. The modularising, the development of a colour codesystem for the complex design of the facade, the intelligent solution to integrate the subframe in the proposal and the erection of the field factory "fibreCamp" - that is currently based at the Soccer City Stadium - were essential for the success of Rieder.

Less than 28 days until the final completion of the facade, only 365 days and the whole world will catch sight of the exceptional fibreC design at the opening match in Johannesburg.

Product family


The development of concrete skin was inspired by Rieder‘s vision of a concrete cladding panel that is both stable and lightweight. The large-format panels are 13 mm thin and give architects plenty of scope in the design of individual facades, with regard to colour, structure and form. Glassfibre reinforced concrete is in-combustible and made of mineral-based raw materials, giving the panels their unique characteristics. The authentic appearance creates a vivid facade. Since concrete skin can be used for interior applications as well, it becomes possible to overcome traditional boundaries of space and to increase the element of flow inherent in the materials. Interior and exterior spaces are merged into one.

2500 x 1200 x 13 mm | 3100 x 1200 x 13 mm | 3600 x 1200 x 13 mm
Fixing systems

substructure: aluminium, steel
visible: rivets, screws
concealed: Rieder Power Anchor, undercut anchor, adhesive

Product characteristics
Building material class A1 (according to DIN 4102) - incombustible Dead load / mass per unit area 26 - 31.5 kg/m²
Bending tensile strength > 18 N/mm²

Colours and surfaces
12 colours, through-coloured
3 surface textures: FE ferro (sandblasted), FL ferro light
(finely sandblasted) and MA matt (brushed)
More colours and sizes are available on request.

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