Product description

Geometric and essential with touch functionality.
By touching the thermostat in the side it is possible to command the power-on, shut-off and timed operation that can be guided through a sound signal and a LED indicator that changes colour when the operating state changes.
Available in sizes 90-120-150 cm perfect to be combined on the wall.

Product family


Innovate without forgetting is the quote for Ridea Bath collection.. For those who love tradition, Ridea proposes the iconic towel warmers, revisited in style and performance, with greater attention to detail. The innovation by Ridea is immediately noticeable by the elimination of the manifolds between the tubes, the water passes directly from the bracket in contact with the wall where it is installed for a totally clean object. The peculiarity of aluminum is the maintenance of the same heat output both in the anodized version and in the colored ones. The collection is completed with the new towel bar, an essential piece of design.