Product description

The Ridea icon par excellence, a real artwork. Design emblem combined with functionality. The infinite possibilities of configuration transform it in a real piece of furniture. With the patented door opening technology everything remains hidden, but it can be perceived thanks to the high thermal yield.

Product variants


From an intuition of our R & D team, in 2007, classic collection was born consisting in radiant aluminium plates: the very first icons of the Ridea world.
Unconventional forms that combine comfort and aesthetic pleasure with experiments on materials and production processes that have become a must in the whole heating sector.
High-value thermal designs give life and dignity to the heating elements thanks to the aesthetic appeal combined with high quality finishies and smart production techniques.
Versatile and easy to install thanks to the unique and intuitive door opening patented system, which allows not only to hide the usually unpleasant valves, but also to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of the back of the plate by removing any residue of dust for better air quality.
With Ridea, more over, no longer interlaced, the connection is in fact made through special anti-crush hoses that allow to adapt the thermo-installation to the existing attacks wherever they are located.
Let yourself be inspired by our iconic designs or create your own radiator just for design needs or to solve a problem of installation. Find out how Ridea offers you the maximum design and production versatility on the market.