Product description

Reading/Floor Lamp

Steel base, hard wood stem, powder coated aluminum shade

Product Codes
SKU Base/Shade/Mast
QU-F1 All black
QU-F2 Black/Black/Oak
QU-F3 White/White/Walnut
QU-F4 White/White/Oak
QU-F5 Black/Black/Walnut

Directional 1 x 45 W Par 40
Halogen Lamp
Ambient 1 x 60 E26 Lamp

7 x 5 x 55" H
178 x 127 x 1397 mm H

Product Weight
36 lb. / 16.3 kg

Cord Length
108" / 2743 mm
In-line floor switch 30" / 762mm from base
Available in Black or Gray

58 L x 8 W x 8" H
1473 L x 203 W x 203mm H

Packaging Weight
40 lb. / 18 kg

Product family


Quart is a reading or directional lamp friendly to contract and residential settings, with a swiveling shade that can be directed as needed. Comprised of simple cylindrical volumes its minimal footprint is anchored by solid steel. Quart Floor Lamp is suitable for hard floor surfaces only and enjoys living in your bedroom, office or hallway...