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Product description

Modular shelving system with double depth
Extruded aluminium frame, natural anodized or polished. Tempered 6 mm glass shelves, transparent, matt, white. Panels and doors in 3 mm white methacrylate.

Modules with 82 cm | 32 1/4" depth, 40 cm | 15 3/4" useful height, 90 or 60 cm | 35 1/2" or 23 1/2" width.
Standard feet h 9,5 cm | 3 3/4" or tall feet h 19 cm | 7 1/2".

Product family


Modular shelving system with natural anodised or polished extruded aluminium frame, tempered glass shelves, methacrylate panels. The system offers a wide range of arrangements, with modules featuring width 60 or 90 cm, usable height 40 cm and depth 45 cm. Boox is also available in the Boox Doppio version, with double depth (82 cm). Both versions can be equipped with back and side panels, and sliding doors. Shelves in transparent, matt or white tempered glass; methacrylate panels and doors in white.