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Fonte Top with washbasin
Fonte Washbasin
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Wash basins-Vanity units >

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W 80-120 cm
H 32 cm
D 48 cm

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Monica Graffeo has designed Fonte, a project inspired by the Japanese philosophy of personal care.
Fonte (which means “fountain”) is a collection of washbasins, showers and receptacles in DuPont™ Corian® complete with solid elm wood accessories. Fonte was inspired by observing the everyday reality of the bathroom combined with a love for the Japanese philosophy of water. This project originated from a study of how we look after ourselves as well as a desire to create objects that differ from each other yet have specific functions and, together, create attractive landscapes. For this reason the collection contains elements of the natural, rural world, such as milking stools, dry branches and trees.The totem-style washbasin with different levels was inspired by the fountain, the traditional hub of country life. The objects are designed for actively taking care of yourself and your body. There are mobile cabinets for storing various objects or linen, séparés or screens with hooks, and benches, because it is great to sit and chat whilst you take care of your body and they are also useful for helping small children reach the washbasin on their own. All of these objects have been designed to be particularly attractive when they are filled with all the thousands of things we need every day: from beauty creams to foot salts, to combs, hair dryers, kids’ toys...

Washbasin in Corian®.