Product description

Materials and colors: Metal frame (available in black, white and stainless steel look or any RAL color for contract business), plywood seating part and solid bended wood back rest (black, white, beech-wood or any RAL color for the contract business).
Recommended usage: Great stackable chair for contract business (bars, restaurants, coffee shops, museums, public places, theatres, offices.

W: 55cm L: 52 cm H 74 cm

Product variants

Product family


As the name suggests this chair was born in 1955 and is our first product with bended solid wood (beck rest). Since it is stackable, light, durable and offers a wide rage of options in colors and materials it is primarily predetermined for contract business.

“Designed to accentuate the graciousness and essential nature of always dashing materials, this stackable chair works like a charm in every ambience."