Moments of light and dynamic poise reminiscent of distant and exotic lands outline a new understanding of the contemporary environment. A synonym of strength and material, TAIGA exploits the inherent beauty of irregularity through the use of a chromatic design that evokes the warm colours of woodlands and unspoiled natural settings. Deliberately conceived fairytale imagery becomes the reference style and leitmotif of a luxury that escapes the chains of dogma, revealing a confident choice that relates unique emotions and experiences. The four colours recall the warm hues of the seasons; the two sizes – 15 x 60 cm and 15 x 90 cm – give the opportunity for a variety of geometrical solutions; the 15 x 60 cm grip finish tile for outdoor surfaces is designed to blend perfectly with natural surroundings.

Dimensions (cm) fine porcelain stoneware

15 x 60
15x60 (grip)
15x90 (squared)
15 x 45 lamellare
15 x 45 modulo listello sfalsato
15 x 45 modulo mosaico