A red line links MaTouche to leather, primary material used for the realisation of objects that have accompanied man through millenniums.
The connection with such an important material has been the starting point of a research finalised, as well as to a reproduction exercise, to experimenting and expressing new material qualities of the tiles for floors and walls. A search able to supply new and highly qualitative answers to the contemporary requirements of living.

MaTouche, processed with Twin Press technology, is the result of a complex and articulated research that has given life to a compact, transparent and soft ceramic material.
MaTouche gives body to surfaces pleasant to caress and is offered in 4 different textures: Cuir, Peau, Eleph and Croco, each with a different materic depth effect and different tactile qualities.
Made in large size 60x60, MaTouche is a sensual, warm, elegant, exclusive material, able to create seducing atmospheres in decorating interiors.

Available in 4 colours - Charbon, Ivoire, Mou, Tabac - MaTouche transforms spaces in full of charm ambients and makes them upholders of unique sensations.

Dimensions (cm) coloured body porcelain stoneware tiles

5 x 5 (tessere mosaico)
60 x 60