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JOKER gives someone their own sun. It lights their own space, can be moved easily to their own place and can be adjusted to their own mood. JOKER is not just the evolution of the table lamp, it’s the revolution. Its unique design directs light only to where it’s wanted and needed. Although it has a very wide beam it has a very defined visual cut-off and there are no multiple shadows. Light is focussed and concentrated. And it is glare-free. Individual emotion and atmosphere can be complemented by the Tunable White illumination. JOKER streams light as personally as a playlist streams music. Just for the user and not for the rest of the room. And installation couldn’t be simpler. You simply plug in your USB charger and switch on. Used in combination with existing luminaires and lighting systems, it allows everyone their own light within lights. JOKER is unique. Because everyone’s personal space is.

Product variants


JOKER – Precisely personal

Maximum flexibility
Easy to transport and flexible in use, Joker supplies light exactly where it is needed. Joker is easy to use and can be connected by plug and play via a USB interface.

Personalised light
With the Tunable White technology, the colour temperature can be adjusted manually according to the user's needs and mood.

Sleek design
With its clear lines and modern design, the Joker luminaire makes for a highlight on any desk.

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