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Pareti d'Autore Tile
Pareti d'Autore
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Product description

Porcelain stoneware
60x120 cm

The elegance of design in fluid form that takes shape from the merger of eight elements, each of them inspired by a different creative moment. The graphic pattern with ceramic glass on a manganese crystalline backdrop creates a vivid contrast and results in rarefied atmospheres where the surface integrates with cutting-edge design elements.


Pareti d’Autore is a project by DesignTaleStudio: a creative workshops where artists, designers and entrepreneurs can meet and express their love for Art and their talent by creating unique and original works. DesignTaleStudio deals not only with ceramics, but also with any “sector” in which creating and experimenting is possible to improve the quality of living. DesignTaleStudio is a project that has alwaysbeen present in the minds of its founders but was shaped and officially started in 2005. A synergy of creative strengths and people who wish to abandon the logic of the world of ceramics to privilege other aspects: the evolution of ideas such as the arts, experimenting and innovation.

They are manufactured in large 60 x 120cm glazed stoneware tiles to achieve the perfect match between the advanced technical characteristics of the material and the elegance of the format and are suitable for decorating and harmoniously integrating in any kind of environment with style.

Recover the sense of proportion, regain the wise craftsman’s slowness. Replace the roar of machines with the rustling of paintbrushes for a new concept of art, inventiveness, and experimentation. This is how the idea of DesignTaleStudio Brand arose spontaneously: a name was chosen to enclose at its “core” the fascinating metaphor of “tale” along with its ancient-like, evocative lettering.

A clear trait, a minimal image obtained with glass grits and artistic ceramic glazes with high technological performances. a marriage between gold and silver essences that reflect the new revival of decoration to create unique and delicate spaces. a design proposal of strong impact.

The superimposed graphic and the warm hues recalling nature. obtained with quartz-based ceramic glazes that when melted, create tactile soft effects. an artistic proposal for those spaces where comfort is a must.

Feelings of fluid materials, colour brushes for a vibrating and lively space. this technique uses the fusion and preciousness of glass crystalline agents enriched with copper and cobalt pigments in order to obtain changeable colours. the suitable pareti d’autore to dress refined and amazing spaces.

The elegance of Design, the delicate trait in a combination of 8 elements, each of them inspired by a different creative world. The graphic is carried out with glass ceramic grits on a manganese crystalline backdrop creating an unexpected visual contrast. For spaces and rooms featuring rarefied atmospheres combined with refined Design elements.