Key facts


- 8mm thin lines
- Four 45cm x 45cm aluminum squares
- Rectangular connected to a cantilever
- Each edge welded and grinded by hand 7 times
- permanently flexible
- By body weight, seat back tilts into pleasant seat angle
- Custom made

Optional Supplement

- Leather covers
- Fabrics covers

More on request

Popular Dimensions
(LxWxH) 90cm x 45cm x 45cm
seat height 45cm
Your individual desired measures on request.

Popular Colors
- arctic white, red, grey, black, …
- Zebrano veneer, Makassar veneer, Walnut veneer

Popular Materials
- Lacquer gloss, finish polished by hand
- Lacquer semi gloss
- Laminate matt (robust)
- Laminate gloss (robust)
- natural wood veneer
- Leather