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Product description

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Application Area
The raumplus sliding door and partition system is a flexible and variable space segmentation system, which consists of wall partition elements, sliding doors, folding doors, and revolving doors. It can be installed at ceiling height as a partition or sliding wall or independently of the ceiling as a room-in-room system. The system can be enhanced or rearranged at any time without much effort. Its construction and the utilized materials are suited for individual and design-oriented interior arrangements. The use of glass in connection with the filigree raumplus frame system from aluminum profiles creates transparency and the sense of a generous space. New room concepts can be implemented economically and quickly without great construction efforts.

Installation conditions
The system is independent of the ceiling construction; the installation of the ceiling track in drop ceilings (flush with the top) is possible. Installation without ceiling connections is also possible. Therefore the system can also be assembled later. The maximum height for room dividing systems is 137", for room-in-room systems 118". The system offers a modular construction system. The maximum width per element is 1600 mm. The ceiling track is 40 mm high, the surface-mounted floor track ¼" and the recessed track 1 mm. Angular constructions are possible continuously between 60° and 270°.

The raumplus sliding door and partition systems are generally manufactured according to individual specifications. The system consists of an aluminum frame, which is delivered preassembled by the manufacturer. Connection and alignment profiles for the partitions, along with floor and ceiling tracks for the sliding doors complete the system. By means of special profiles; unevenness in walls, floors and ceilings can be balanced out. It is a self-supporting system in which the weight of all elements is transferred to the floor. The special high quality hardware of the sliding doors supports doors with a weight of up to 396,83 lbs. Room-in-room systems can be assembled freely in the room and create new concepts for using the space. Cable channels, door frames with various measurements and safety reels complete the selection.

The profiles consist of aluminum AlMgSi0,5 F22 anodized EV1E6 (silver) and can alternatively be delivered in special color hues. Panel thickness of 4 – 38 mm are possible. Safety glass, acoustic tiles, magnetic panels and metal surfaces are only a few of the approx. 2000 possible panels.

Fire and sound protection
The fire protection category is A1 (non-flammable); the sound protection for installed partition systems is up to 32 dB RW, P in installed condition.

Other implementation details
Pneumatic door stop, door closing device, recessed or surface-mounted handles, handle bars.