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The chances are that you are already familiar with raumplus sliding doors. And in that case, we simply hope you enjoy the new design ideas and technical innovations that we have brought together in this catalog.

For those unfamiliar with our products, we would like to introduce you to the innovative world of raumplus sliding doors and partition systems. We guarantee you that our catalog will be an unending source of exciting new ideas for your home and office. Just take a few moments and see for yourself. And then consider this: Everything is possible with raumplus! Each element is made to order according to your wish and is perfectly fitted to the dimensions of your room. An endless variety of panel materials and flexible solutions allow you to decide not only »what« it is that you want to do, but also »how« and »where«.

In this sense, everything that you see on the following pages has been conceived as a source of inspiration for you. And we encourage you take it even further. Develop your own personal dream of living. Surprise us!