Product description

The very flexible Flex conference table series consists of a table* 210*110/90 cm which seats 6 people, and by combining a centre table 140*130 cm with a basic table and an end table, it is possible to create table arrangements of for example:
· 280*130/100 cm - 8 people
· 420*130/100 cm - 12 people
· 560*130/100 cm - 16 people
· 700*130/100 cm - 20 people
· etc.
The series is available with either cylindrical or tapered legs in chrome plated or satin chrome plated finish. The table top is boat shaped with a bevelled *edge fitting. The table tops are available in beech, maple, mahogany plus laminate in various colours.


The perfect solution in multipurpose areas
FLEX is a complete range of tables for conference, seminar and assembly rooms as well as canteens and auditoriums. The diversified FLEX table with its flexible construction is the perfect solution in multipurpose areas serving many purposes, many people and many different demands. Beautiful, simple, flexible.

The folding mechanism
With a swift and simple motion of the hand the table leg may be turned at the pivot point and thus be moved from the vertical to the horizontal position. The legs will disappear underneath the table top.

With FLEX you can stack 10 tables
After folding the legs you can stack up to 10 tables on top of each other. The FLEX transport trolley is designed to make it possible for one person to move a stack of tables.
· table tops can be equipped with holes for cables
· table legs can be equipped with castors