Product description

The frame is made from high density 100% pure polyurethane and mirror glass. The glass shelf (which is optional) is glued to the mirror by UV technique.

Length 130 cm, height 84 cm, depth 11 cm.

Colour: satin white (RAL 9016)

Product variants

Product family


Beautiful Women by Marcel Wanders signals the return of a type of furniture that has all but disappeared.

The series consists of a mirror (=Paris) with a richly decorated frame and a glass shelf, a small dresser in two variations (Jen and Kate), a stool and side table (both Ken).

The sober dresser Kate features a sunken top and cast brass handles in the shape of an apple and a snake, a reference to the first woman.

The more baroque cabinet Jen features a spherical, massive wooden foot on which a top has been fitted.

The stool Ken and its side table version, with its graphic design and round forms, refer to the 1960s.

The series is a post-modern ensemble intended as a tribute to womankind and has been an inspiration for the revival of dressers.