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WHITE-LINE DUO AR48 2xGu4 12V/35W max/230V incl. converter

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The market of light and lighting is very often plagued with imitation. PVD Concept is therefore very proud to be able to present an original and own creation: White Line!
White line is an ingenious collection of mounted fixtures which look like recessed ones. This surprising creation is the result of a year long search for timeless and discrete mounted lights and the realisation that there is still a gap in the market.

The uniqueness of White Line is that it is indeed a mounted fixture but it disappears partly in the ceiling or the wall. The use of rough powdercoating RAL 9003 and a seemless cover make it possible to paint over the White Line fixture which allows for a perfect finish matching the wall or ceiling.
Since 2016 we can make our Model SLOT on measure and in any RAL/anodised color that you want.

This collection also incorporates the latest light sources available at this moment:LED Citizen 6W, LED CREE 8W, AR111 LED, AR70 LED, AR48 LED and of course the actual halogen AR111 12v/50W , AR70 12v/50W , AR48 12v/35W XENON and TL 5 lamps. More so, the ceiling lights are attached to a mobile arm in the fixture whereby they can be extended and are able to direct the light horizontally. Truly unique!

What about black marks on the wall or ceiling because of the heat of the lamps? Not with White Line! The frame that holds the lamps absorbs all the heat. Because of a handy click- system this can completely be disassembled and can easily be cleaned with Chemico and water.
Just imagine: White Line brings you a little oasis of peace each day!

PVD Concept also created original white packaging for the fixtures and fittings and included a little thank you note in Dutch, French and English: ‘Thank you for choosing White line‘. All packaging includes the necessary instructions, a technical description and CE approval for each unit.