Product description

NONA Bar 40cm LED SPOT 30° warm white 1x6W 350mA / 230V IP67 incl. driver

Product family


Nona | Simply’s basic design is made from untreated bronzed brass. With its very natural look, bronze is particularly suited for garden lightning. The metal will only tarnish and is resistant to corrosion. Our appliances are not only available in bronze, but also in anodised aluminium and INOX 316L.
The collection radiates a timeless air. Its different designs seek out to be subtle light features with well-suited light emission, both in halogen and led. Nona | Simply’s led applications are designed to really “illuminate”. When it comes to light colour, reach and power, one can no longer make the distinction between halogen and led. In designing light features we always have the same ideas in mind: simplicity, sustainability and the creation of non-glare lightning.