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Ceiling Systems
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Product description

Our torsion spring ceiling system is a durable and beautiful option for any ceiling. This system is suitable for both interior acoustical ceilings or exterior soffits and canopies. For acoustical ceilings, panels are micro-peforated and have acoustic backing added. Our aluminum torsion spring panel systems are easily removable and allow downward hinging to allow access to plenum above, where required.

Material: Aluminum

Gauge: 1mm – 3mm

Profiles: Standard or custom

Fastening type: Concealed

Max dimensions: 48″ x 177″

Product Facts: Single Skin Aluminum, Fully customizable, Panel Systems or Flat Sheets, Interior or Exterior Applications, Gauge: 0.6 mm to 3 mm, Flat Sheet Max Size: 48`` x 177``, Up to a 60-year Life Cycle, Meets AAMA 2605 Specification Standards Sustainability: Lower Life Cycle Costs, 20-Year Warranty, No Oil Canning, VOC Free, Red List Free, LEED Credit Qualification, Participates in the mindful MATERIALS Library, Made from at Least 20% Post-Consumer Recycled Content, 100% Recyclable, Resists UV Degradation & Corrosion, Resists Chemical Exposure, Class A Fire Rating, Non-Combustible, Easy to Maintain

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Ceiling systems can add a subtle element of design and class to any space. In their practical usage, ceiling systems can also add performance benefits to the acoustics of any space. We offer a variety of standard ceiling system types, such as torsion, baffle, linear, and lay-in. Any of these systems can be customized to your project’s specification, can be perforated, or can have acoustic backing added.