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Milky Star - Coatrack
Milky Star
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Hallway-Built-in wardrobes >
Living room/Office acces...-Wall decoration >
Hallway-Built-in wardrobes >
Living room/Office acces...-Wall decoration >


Milky Star is a ceramic wardrobe formed in the likeness of a natural model. The seeds of the flower Ornithogalum dubium seen through a high-resolution microscope reveal surfaces reminding of fantastic landscapes. Star-like pads, some with and some without hooks, interlock like fingers of two hands.

Milky Star is a single unit working as a wardrobe for a wall as well as a repeatable object that can be assembled to a larger area. The outline of each unit allows different positions for the following piece and therefore provides a multitude of possible arrangements – like a puzzle without rules. As well pre-mounted units of different sizes are available.

Poli Keramik, manufacturers for handmade stove tiles, a very typical asset of alpine homes and chalets, operate from the picturesque town of Hall, Tyrol. The ceramics specialists have been developing customised and energy efficient tiled stoves for two decades. Poli Keramik are combining a traditional way of heating with contemporary home architecture through constant design innovation and technological progress.

The combination of traditional techniques and contemporary design is also found in many designs of Pudelskern. Milky Star bridges the gap between traditional handcraft and modern design and is apt for a cosy mountain chalet as well as for a sophisticated New York City apartment.

Material: Ceramics

Client: Poli Keramik