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Segment sofa
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Segment is a system which solves the hierarchical principles of assembling the components of modular upholstered furniture. Segment's identity is determined by the form of its main component part, with its characteristic basic double-sided ends sloping at a 45° angle, thereby enabling the assembling of the parts in all three axes. Segment plays homage to the digits of early 7-segment digital watches, a concept that yields the possibility of putting together a variety of functional and even unconventional compositions in a space. The countless combinations for, and permutations of the base owe to the open system that is the designing of various functional situations in the interior. Segment is available as a one-seater, two-seater, 3-seater, 4-seater, 5-seater – in short, a ‘multibase’ series of segments. The combinations in a series of multiple bases will on one side be supported by metal feet, while a supporting wooden component with a high lustre finish will extend from beneath the base on the other side of the system. Its form's geometric motif is as equally compatible with a leather cover, as with richly textured fabrics, according to the dictates of the interior.

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When designing the Segment, we were interested in finding a solution for the hierarchy in combining elements for modular upholstered furniture. In the case of any conventional modular sofa, there is always one element that 'dominates' and directs the system of combinations. In the case of the Segment, borders on the main element used for the seat, backrest and armrests are sloped at a 45-degree angle. This allows free combining of the system on all three axes. The main reference for this design was the seven-segment character display used on earlier digital clocks. That is also how the sofa got its name. With this concept, the user has the opportunity to compose various and even unconventional compositions in space. Countless combinations of the base and backrest form a system that is functional and open for designing diverse interior landscapes.