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Loose Lay | PW 3010
Loose-Lay | 55 / Loose-Lay | 30
Project Floors
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PW 3010
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Resilient floors-Plastic flooring
Flooring units-Floor panels
Polymers-Plastic sheets/panels
Polymers-Plastic flooring

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914 x 183 x 4,2 mm

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If a quick and adhesive-free installation is called for, LOOSE-LAY design floor coverings by PROJECT FLOORS are the perfect problem solver. Unlike tongue and groove systems (click floors), LOOSE-LAY floor coverings – just like their fully glued counterparts – can be installed in a variety of ways using simple tools. No need to keep worrying about leaving a functional joint. PROJECT FLOORS relies on the specialist advice and workmanship by specialist trades and craftsmanship in order to ensure professional installation. In addition to quick and adhesive-free installation, the loose lay elements without adhesive allow each individual plank to be raised so that specific sections of the coverings can be removed if required.

LOOSE-LAY/55 - The LOOSE-LAY/55 has a wear layer of 0.55 mm and is ideal for use in heavily frequented living and building areas. A total of 12 different wood finishes give areas such as office spaces, activity areas and fair stands an individual and convincing floor design.
Activity areas can simply be installed on existing surfaces (e.g. granite) and then removed and reused without leaving any residue. Access to cable ducts and supply shafts is ensured at all times (false floor) and rooms can be used immediately after installation as no adhesive drying times need to be complied with.

LOOSE-LAY/30 - The LOOSE-LAY/30, with its 0.3mm wear layer, is suitable for all living areas. A total of 12 different wood finishes ensure a cosy room ambience and can be used on suitable existing floors depending on your personal taste. Individual elements can also be easily replaced or raised and the floor covering can be removed and reused without leaving any residue.