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Product description

Varius Free walk-in-closet without back panels, shelves and drawer packs in clay oak melamine. The visible racks have a natural anodised aluminium finish. Close-up view of the rack fixing bracket with an anodised aluminium finish. The Varius Free walk-in-closet can even be fitted with small back panels matching the shelves or fitted against the base. Colour contrasts for the shelves, the rack and the wall. Thanks to its minimalist lines, the Varius Free walk-in-closet allows you to make the most of the wall by decorating it with wall paper or special paints.

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Varius is the walk-in-closet system that is customisable in every detail and in which Presotto’s experience, planning and production flexibility, stylistic research and innovation are combined in the best possible way.
To meet new market requirements and lower budgets, Varius gets rid of its back panels and is now mounted directly on the wall: this results in cost reductions in terms of materials, transport and assembly to make design more accessible and make the most of wall coverings such as paper and special paints.
Due to the lack of a back panel to hide electric cables, Varius is the first walk-in-closet with battery-powered LED lighting with a motion sensor that doesn’t require wiring. How long do the batteries last? For ages because LED lights consume very little energy and last a lot longer than traditional lights.