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A system for management offices, complete with coordinated tables, desks and storage units. The collection particularly stands out for the strong lines of the chrome-plated steel structure, topped by elegant volutes that evoke the classic constructive geometry of Corinthian columns and capitals. The entire collection is designed around a curving, ‘v’ shaped steel profile, which is repeated symmetrically and serves both as a supporting surface for the tops, and as a foot or support for the cabinets and drawer units. Corinthia combines a strong visual impact with great flexibility of use, allowing for different configurations starting from just a few basic elements, which are able to meet the different personal requirements of a manager’s office. Corinthia is available upholstered in Pelle Frau® Color System leather or finished with a walnut or American pear wood veneer.
The desks and meeting tables, in both the oval and round versions, have a support structure of chrome-plated steel turned columns with polished extruded aluminum support edging. The oval meeting tables and President desks, Easy desk and Desk may also have turned chrome—plated steel support structures or leather-upholstered bases. In both cases, the top is supported by a polished extruded aluminum ‘capital’.

The table tops can be leather-upholstered or wooden with a leather border, whilst the central panels are available in glass or wood. The desks have a metal structure on which the rectangular top rests. As an alternative, the Easy desk and Desk are also available with a curved trapeze-shaped top. The range of tables and desks is flanked by three high or low wooden storage units. Also available with the upper parts and doors upholstered in Pelle Frau® Color System leather. A mini-bar may be fitted into any of the low cabinets. The Corinthia collection also includes a service cabinet, consisting of a closed compartment and a shelf, and a free-standing, wheeled two or three-drawer filing cabinet, that can be used alone or combined with the tables.