Key facts

Product description

tile-faced closed fireplace, height: 145 cm (available also with190 cm height ), ceramics with smooth surface, glaze: cream and champagne

Product variants


POLI SOLO is an all-round tiled stove designed as a solitary tower, which adapts perfectly to different architectural situations. The small space it requires and the individual options make the POLI- Ceramic tile stove so unique: high-quality ceramic in over 80 glaze colours, a variety of formats and ceramic surfaces and different heating technical variants offer a fascinating space for individuality. Round or square, gracefully small or elegantly high, deliberately simple, with elegant grooved structure or with charming decorative motifs – the POLI SOLO tiled stove offers a maximum of pleasant warmth, elegance and sensuality with a very small space requirement.

ceramic, fire-clay
installation by handicraft partners