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Poggenpohl introduces new kitchen colours

Modern colours and new fronts reflect current trends

In addition to wood colours, white and various shades of grey still predominate in kitchen colour schemes, possibly with the occasional dark red or elegant black lacquer, but that is usually all. Well known for its ability to spot trends as well as setting them, Poggenpohl is now introducing new colour versions for its kitchen fronts.
Founded in 1892, Poggenpohl is not only the oldest kitchen brand in the world, but has also always been a trendsetter contributing new ideas for kitchens with its innovative developments and striking design, from the first add-on kitchen (1952) through fitted kitchens (1962) and the first solid wood kitchen (1968) to the luxury kitchen introduced last year and dubbed a "Man's Kitchen", the P'7340 developed in collaboration with Porsche Design.

Poggenpohl is now introducing colours which have never before been seen in a kitchen. They are deliberately neither "loud" nor "shrill", yet consciously reflect the current trend towards "more colour". The names of these new colours are derived from the mineral colours on which they are based.
Fronts now feature the following colours:
Cubanite – a beige tone
Oxide – a light blue
Fluorite – a modest green
and Curite – a fresh coppery orange

All colours are available as melamine coating, melamine with shiny poly-gloss coating, water-based lacquer or high-gloss lacquer. It goes without saying that they can be ordered either as a complete kitchen or simply as a "dash of colour" on individual kitchen elements.

A particularly cool "polar white" and a wood finish in sand pine (with PP edge and aluminium edge), as well as an additional front in "holm oak" from range FG round off the new selection.

Moreover, Poggenpohl is introducing a new shelf system which continues the design line of the Poggenpohl kitchen and creates a special visual highlight with the new colours, thus ensuring a flowing transition between kitchen and living room.