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Visual lightness, transparency, brightness are among the main characteristics of modern architecture. It is not surprising that architects and designers show increasing interest in the use of glass, a material which is light, bright and transparent par excellence. At the same time fragile and structurally very resistant, glass charms with its ambivalence.

Offering a choice of transparent surfaces, satin, colorful and playing with light, it can refract or reflect, depending on how it's done. Light gets freely through it in housing, reducing the use of artificial lighting. But the use of glass does not allow improvisation and requires careful thinking about its insertion. Its application must be done according to a project developed with precision in every detail.

OESIA, a branch of Nuova Vetreria Resanese dedicated to products for the building and decoration, presents an object capable of great developments: MONOFORO. It’s a brick in Venetial crystal, full body, cast by hand, provided with a central slot. This real massive crystal ingot, very versatile, able to deeply emotionally involve, is suitable for many different uses, laid on the side or horizontally, indoors or outdoors, completely transparent or with its center colored, metallic or satin. Of a supreme transparency, it allows the creation of partitions or walls inside-outside, counters, bases for furniture, urban furniture items and whatever creativity may suggest.


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