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Letto Plinio
Letto Plinio
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Bedroom furniture-Double beds >

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220 x 73 cm (2 sides)
220 x 83 cm (2 sides)
220 x 93 cm (2 sides)
220 x 120 cm (2 sides)

Height 68 cm

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This was specially designed for a good night’s sleep by only using all-natural materials and allowing the air to circulate freely. It is made by hand from heavy oak and is easy to dismantle for cleaning since it has only four large wooden screws. The super light mattress made from natural wool and cotton, means that it breathes well since the material used is like a sea sponge. This bed, inspired by history and techniques, is a product which started off as a structure and turned into a concept: to make a bed with the same attention, the same methods, the same materials and the same tools used right up until the last century. It is made by hand from heavy oak and finished with pure linseed oil mixed with natural pigment. The “Letto Plinio” is a unique bed which is all-natural and specially designed for those who suffer from allergies. Four large turned screws enable the bed to be assembled, taken apart and cleaned in every nook and cranny with the utmost ease unlike any other bed you can buy today. The structure, which is made up of a network of beech slats, means that air can circulate easily and it functions well with the Plinio il Giovane mattress. This type of structure not only improves the quality of sleep but also makes cleaning it super easy. Pure linseed oil is used to treat the wood, to enhance the grain but also to make it water repellant as well as improve the gloss and generally prolong the life of the product.