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Nouveau Pin
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Brass frame with Oyster Grey fabric.

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This pinboard could be an organiser. School stuff in one area, work stuff in another. Appointments, ‘to do’ lists, flyers, numbers, whatever. If you need to Mondrianise your life. Or use it as a moodboard – photos, tickets, recipes, fun. The pinboards come in three different sizes and can be combined to create a dynamic landscape for presentation, composition and decoration.
Clean lined, multifunctional but flexible.

The foam and textiles have been specially engineered to provide soundproofing, so the Nouveau pin softens the acoustic signature of any space it adorns. With a choice of colours and frames, you can even leave it blank. And if you’re that organised, you can come and be our accountant. Hang them, turn them and make them your own. The pin boards are designed as a flexible module system in three sizes. Hang them in your home, pin your memories and create the visual image you want. These pin boards also have an acoustic sound absorbing effect, so they can be used in offices, at home or maybe at a recording studio.

The foam and textiles have been specially engineered to provide soundproofing. Including 2 hanging brackets.
Fabric colours: Navy Blue, Oyster Grey and Rouge Noir.
Frame: Brass or Navy Blue powder coated steel.

LARGE: H 89 cm x W 62,3 cm x D 2,5 cm
MEDIUM: H 62, 3 cm x W 62,3 cm x D 2,5 cm
SMALL: H 62, 3 cm x W 27,6 cm x D 2,5 cm