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Basic Twelve Trio Pendant
Basic Twelve lamps
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Product description

100% handmade in Italy, Basic TWELVE TRIO is a modular pendant lamp made of 3 geometric elements that can be combined in several ways thanks to the magnetized sides.
You can choose the shape you prefer and make your BASIC TWELVE TRIO pendant lamp unique. It is perfect for being suspended on a dining table or in the meeting room. Materials used are essential and contrasting at the same time: only solid wood and natural concrete.
The small brass details make the lamp precious.
Each module of the pendant lamp has three magnetized sides. Thanks to the magnets two or more modules can be connected together. Once attached, the lamps can rotate in different position to direct light when one wishes.
The pendant lamp is fixed to the ceiling thanks to a circular rosette which keeps the three cables together.

Each lamp is handmade in Italy. We meticulously check the quality of materials to offer a reliable and durable product. It is composed of two parts: the lampshade and the cable.
• MATERIAL: concrete, beech wood/ oak wood or walnut wood, gold neodymium magnets, brass, metal ceiling rose
• SIZE: variable, each module is 15x15x15 cm / 6”x6”x6”
• WEIGHT: 2 kg / 4.4 lbs
• USE: for indoor use only
• BULBS: 3 x E14 max 8W LED / E12 available for US and Canada
• CABLE LENGTH: 3 x 150 cm / 59''
Light bulbs not included. We recommend to use LED filament bulbs.
The product might vary slightly from the picture due to the nature of being 100% handmade.

Product family


Basic TWELVE is a line of concrete and wood modular magnetic lamps.
The design arises from considering the current way of living, where spaces at home and at work are often multifunctional, shared and where housing changes are frequent.
Hence the need for a dynamic lighting system meant for changing its shape in an easy way.
Basic TWELVE lamps, with their magnetic connections, are designed for this.
The magnets on each module have a two-fold purpose: they allow to connect two or more modules together or to attach them to any metal surface such as shelves or fridges. Additionally, once joined together, the modules can easily be rotated to direct light where one wishes.
The available types are two: table lamp or ceiling lamp.
The number of modules of each system can vary from one to five, resulting in the models Solo, Duo, Trio and Quintet, a reference to musical ensembles.
The material of each single module can be either wood or concrete, two materials with an opposite nature that are mutually complementary.
In this manner, a lamp can fit different styles, from the warm one, entirely made of wooden modules, to the industrial one, made of concrete elements, including all the nuances in between, obtained by mixing the two materials in different proportions.
In addition to the models listed in the catalogue, lamps with different woods, concrete colours and custom metal finishings can be provided upon request.