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The ease
of beauty.

... is the opposite of heaviness, immuta­bility and an oppressive atmosphere. One thing is evident: apart from the realm of physics, we mainly associate lightness with the positive. It gives objects, situa­tions and people something which is friendly and easy. Elegance also has an element of effortlessness, which is why it is hard to imagine elegance without lightness.

Lightness, elegance and finesse were also the attributes which guided us in designing PURO – right down to the last detail. It starts with PURO being shipped in innumerable individual parts, which are assembled manually on site. The design is so ingenious that not a single screw or hinge is visible, which further underscores the overall impression of lightness. The design principle also contributes to this, using only thin side panels to give the shelf even greater lightness. We consequently refer to PURO as a “side” line.

Or take the edges: The explanation: The edges are bevelled, i.e. the 19-mm-thick panels are cut to almost half that thickness at the front. And the handleless fronts which protrude in­conspicuously out of the shelf are part of PURO’s perfectly light appearance.

PURO minimalizes the shelf to the maximum: perfection. The picture shows uniform compartment heights. And an integrated office solution which makes the working area elegantly disappear.

With PURO individual elements can be lacquered in various colours upon request. In this example, the emphasis is on an open shelf insert. One’s gaze is guided and a beautiful arrangement presented. It is possible to integrate shelves or additional inserts behind flaps or, as shown here, behind doors and in drawers. Varying compartment heights are used in the examples you see on this and the previous page.

Do you see the bevelled shelves which become thicker towards the back? Only the fine front edges are visible even when viewed up close. PURO appears weightless and intricate. One senses the underlying stability. With PURO, inserts protrude one centimetre over the edge of the front forming a beautiful relief. The front is perceived as three-dimensional.

Varying compartment heights and the combination of different shelf widths: resulting in plenty of variety for the beholder. And even small shelf walls are given an interesting appearance. The office solution has an integrated socket with out­lets and a mains connection.