Key facts


... ensures excellent absorption values at the right points.

With pinta BALANCE SOFT, work rooms can be coordinated perfectly to employees' needs, especially in modern open-plan offices. Placed on the wall at workplace level, this acoustic element ensures optimum voice intelligibility in the direct environment of the workplace. Acoustically highly effective, the wall element lends itself to versatile design, for example with the textile surface matching the corporate design, printed themes or individual dimensions. The textile surface is very robust and, if necessary, can be replaced or washed. Installation of pinta BALANCE SOFT is child's play. For use as a wall element, pinta BALANCE SOFT is invisibly encased in an all-round load bearing frame consisting of at least four profiles. After installation, the wall cloud can simply be suspended on the wall with conventional substructure materials. It just so happens that good room acoustics is not just found on the ceiling.