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Balance Art
Balance Art
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Room dividing-Privacy screen >
Sound absor...-Sound absorbing room divider >

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There 's nothing to designing with acoustics …
... if even the room size imposes no limits.

With pinta BALANCE ART you design rooms for the eyes and ears because it is a high grade acoustic element that allows you to lend your personal flair to large wall surfaces and at the same time to ensure optimum room acoustics.pinta BALANCE ART can also be designed on both sides and then used as a suspended room divider. Be it a logo, lettering or an image, with pinta BALANCE ART you have theopportunity to design your walls individually – seamlessly up to a maximum size of 10,000x 5.000 mm. And if you ever want to change the theme – simply replace the printed fabric.You have a choice of three printable fabrics with different acoustic properties and also pure wool felts and monochrome textiles that are fitted in a stretching frame. Acoustic elements can be concealed behind the motif for sophisticated acoustics requirements.The acoustic solution for all those who dare to display a theme.