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Acoustic Panel
Acoustic Panel
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... thanks to reduced echo and improved voice comprehensibility.

The pinta ACOUSTIC PANEL is a high-quality acoustic solution for paneling ceilings and wall surfaces in rooms containing workplaces where peace and quiet and intense concentration are required. With a low installation height and good absorption values at the frequencies relevant to voice communication, pinta ACOUSTIC PANEL is the perfect solution for new and old buildings and for renovation. The thickness and color of the pinta ACOUSTIC PANEL can be varied to adjust individually to acoustic requirements and design wishes. The panel is impact-resistant and suitable for sensitive wall areas and ceilings resistant to ball throwing impact. The system includes adhesives for almost all base surfaces and also visually attractive joint and edge profiles. For laying without the pinta ACOUSTIC PANEL profile, panels are glued onto the base surface with a shadow gap. When panels are laid with the profile, they are glued with a 2 mm wide shadow gap so that the standard T-profile can be fitted easily. If the top-hat profile is used for fitting, a 14 mm joint must be considered for the top-hat profile. The top-hat profile is bolted directly to the wall or ceiling through the notch in the profile's center.