... and simultaneously climate-regulating.

The pinta LINEAR absorber is the answer to rising demands for comfort in modern office and administration buildings. The pinta LINEAR absorber is suitable for concrete core temperature controlled ceilings and ensures pleasant room acoustics where emissions from the concrete core temperature controlled ceiling surface are influenced less than by a ceiling cloud. An absorber height of 100 mm, for instance, and a clear distance of 100 mm results in a thermally inactive area of only 33%, whereas a large-area acoustic ceiling devoid of connections to the wall needs 80% area despite the same acoustic effectiveness.

The pinta LINEAR absorber LINEAR consists of a pinta aluminum load bearing profile (standard pressed finish, untreated aluminum surface) and the pinta absorber elements made of willtec in the standard format of 1,250 mm x 50 mm thick in diverse heights. The absorbers' surfaces can be sprayed at the factory with fire protection paint according to the RAL color chart. Depending on the required row center-to-center distance, the aluminum load bearing profiles are fitted on the bare ceiling with nail plugs, for example. After fitting of the load bearing profiles, pinta Acoustic adhesive S is applied to the absorber elements and they are fitted in the load bearing profiles with a joint or endlessly (butt joint).