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Organic screens | close octagons
Organic screens
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Room dividing-Suspended divider >
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Product description

Type: Organic solid
Pattern: Continuous horizontal
Scale: Can be scaled down or up
Effect: One skin (2 sheets)
Measures: 1.2X2.4 mts.
Materials: wood, ACM, pvc, acrylic

The screens are suitable for dividing spaces or to decore a wall or a ceiling.

All screens are installed with inox steel spacers to a wall or suspended with fasteners and inox steel cables from floor to ceiling.

Height: 240 cm / 94.48 in
Width: 120 cm / 47.24 in

wood: 27.60 lb / 12.51 kg
acm: 22.04 lb / 9.99 kg
pvc: 10.00 lb / 4.53 kg

Product family


Over the last ten years, Piegatto has developed a series of screens that have several purposes ranging from an architectural facade use to a home decoration , a space divider, a ceiling, a handrail, a door, a detail of a piece of furniture such as a bar front, a fence, between others.

The screens come in different patterns that range from organic, to geometric, and recently with the use of parametric design we have managed to create screens that are organic and geometric at the same time.

Usually a good way to define the type of screen that is needed is to understand how solid or transparent we want it to be in relation to the space and the level of privacy that we intend to have(for example, if we want a room divider).

There are screens that are very light and very transparent, this screens usually let light and shadows pass through it, making them more suitable for a aesthetic detail.

There are other screens that are solid, this are more intended to be used when we want to divide a space, or make more emphasis on the design of the space, rather than in the effects that the screen has on the space.

In the same way, we created screens that are meant to be used as a double skin (one in front of the other). This screens are usually light, but when put together the design takes a three dimensional appearance and its richer in shadows and textures.
The screens come in different materials, they can be used outdoors and indoors depending on the material you choose:

For exterior Use: ACM (compose of two thin sheets of aluminum.
For interior Use: Wood, PVC, Acrilic and ACM as well.