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An elegant and imposing programme which appeals through its very simplicity and clarity of form.

The severely geometrical design radiates purposefulness and selfassurance
whilst the bevelled design elements create an impression of lightness which enables Prisma to fill the room without dominating it. Surfaces are finished
either in white or black lacquer or in blackstained ash veneer. Prisma a furniture programme created by Italian architect and designer Cini Boeri,
can be used for the furnishing of both home and office.

Responsible work deserves suitable surroundings. Prisma unites functional purpose and technology with aesthetic appeal and communication. The desk,
for example, owes its high visual appeal to its extremely reserved design. The high functional value of the Prisma. programme is ascribable not least to its compatibility with a cultured lifestyle in the context of both home and office. Whilst being highly imposing, this superlative furniture puts you entirely at your ease.

The desk drawer can be integrated into the Prisma tabletop either on the left or the right as desired.

The conference room as centre of communications is a token both of a company's style and of the claims it makes for itself. The Prisma conference table stands out by virtue of its uncompromising design. Characteristic is the discretion in its styling, which sets the tone in a room without dominating it.
The conference table seats up to twelve persons. Special sizes can also be made to specification. The clear lines of the table Prisma are ideally complemented by the graphic structure of the Folio chairs.

Characteristic elements of Prisma furniture, such as the prismatic working on the tabletops and the cubic table pedestals, can be given an individual emphasis by varying the colours, for example in contrasting combinations of black and white.

The Prisma tabletop rests on massive black marble pedestals. The pedestal is also available in other best quality materials, for example in white marble or in black stained ash.

Design awards:
Haus Industrieform Essen, design center stuttgart