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Since humans first began designing things,the cube has been one of the most fascinating shapes. one2one is the consequent continuation of this fascination. Furniture that holds its own not because it is conspicuous,but because it is simple – simple in a special way.

But one2one would not be from PHILIP Möbelmanufaktur if it were merely simple. Like a good friend,one2one conceals its values from the observer, because one2one is individual and full of surprises.

The office is a room we spend a great deal of time in.Time we want to utilise – with things that are worthwhile. one2one is the consequent answer to the demands that life in the office make on us daily, not in the sense of atmosphere or function, but in the sense of aspirations lived to the full.

Communication shapes our life today. That’s why there are more possibilities in one2one than meet the eye at first.As a matter of principle we don’t view design as a platform for vanities,but rather as an obligation to utilise all sensible possibilities that make communication today successful. This aspiration above all defines quality, which we always see holistically,not only in the workmanship and the materials used but above all in enhancing the quality of life – both sensually and rationally.

Aluminium, glass, lacquered or matt finished and finely crafted veneers are the materials from which one2one is created. Painted glass offers an almost limitless portfolio of colours and in combination with fine veneers makes every
one2one a unique and personal individual piece. The innovative crafting even allows a simple changing of fronts and surfaces to create new colours or combinations.

Knowledge is gained through communication, pictures, books, media or anything else of importance to you. We see one2one as a medium that optimises your surroundings and appropriately supports you in archiving your values.Not least, it is as individual as the personality for whom it is made. one2one thus offers you practically endless possibilities for fashioning your living space – in the office or wherever your aspirations are high.