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powerglass® media façade: SK Telecom
powerglass® media façade: SK Telecom
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powerglass® media façades are high tech glass façades with integrated light emitting diodes. They combine a transparent glass façade with advanced LED-communication technology. At night they are luminous advertising mediums. During the day when the installation is switched off, employees inside the building are not affected by the unobtrusive installation. Except for the central control system, all components needed to operate the system are integrated into the façade construction.
powerglass® media façades are easy to clean – just like any standard glass façade. Further advantages are low power consumption, weather resistance, insulation effect against heat and cold and full recyclability.
powerglass® media façade elements can be produced up to sizes of 3000 x 1200mm. The LED pitch is typically between 90 and 100mm. Apart from the control of individual LED, whole panels can be dimmed or e.g. allow functions like interactions with passing pedestrians.
powerglass® is completely produced at the glas platz factory in Wiehl-Bomig, Germany. It is supplied including transformers and all necessary control components. powerglass® media façades are offered worldwide as a complete package including technical advice, planning and installation.
The combination of media & architecture - façade communication of the future – available today!