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Stack Shelving System
Paustian Stack Shelving System
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Paustian Stack shelving system is designed for Paustian by the Danish architect and professor Anders Brix. The system can be used in the home or the workplace, wherever a little individuality is desired within particular surroundings. The shelving can easily be modified, extended or divided when new needs arise.
The individual elements provide great flexibility and variety, and give a sculptural effect. The elements can be freely stacked and shifted, so that the shelving spaces can be oriented to both sides, be open or closed, or combined in various colours in infinite ways.

The shelves are in white melamine, while the stack elements are aluminium and are available in six different colours. The stack shelving is fitted with legs in powder-lacquered steel and built-in adjustable feet. The shelving is supplied in unassembled condition. The shelves and stack elements lock stably to each other, so that even tall shelving systems can be built up without the use of tools or joints.

Shelves in white melamine with white-lacquered aluminium edge Stack elements in six different colours: white (RAL 9010), grey (RAL 7005), dark green (RAL 6009), aubergine (RAL 3007), nude (RAL 3012), yellow (RAL 1016). Legs in white powder-lacquered steel.

- Shelf length: 1.20 m x depth 33 cm
- Shelf length: 1.80 m x depth 33 cm
- Shelf length: 2.40 m x depth 33 cm
- Stack element width 18 cm x height 31 cm x depth 33 cm
- Stack element width 38 cm x height 31 cm x depth 33 cm
- Stack element width 58 cm x height 31 cm x depth 33 cm
- Leg height 4 cm, incl. adjustable feet