Lighting system in the recessed or suspension/wall/ceiling version made of extruded aluminum colored in white and fasteners and junctions of galvanized sheet metal. Diffuser screen in opal polycarbonate or microprismatic. Emission of direct light provided by a LED module with power ranging from 28.6W to 38.3W per linear meter and luminous flux from 2600lm to 4000lm per linear meter. Possible dimming in the version with the “DALI” code. Special fastening system with adjustable spring micro wing nuts that allows for various heights of false ceiling. The recessed system includes a disposable matt screen to ease the installation operations (levelling, plastering, painting), to be replaced with the diffuser after these operations. Special spring tabs that allow the rapid assembly of the powered supports of the light sources inside the extrusion in aluminum. Junction modules powered LED and relative power supplies. Ideal for residential, commercial and hospitality facilities.