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Casa Bom Jesus
Casa Bom Jesus
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Casa Bom Jesus
Topos Atelier de Arquitectura
Braga, Portugal, 2009
Photos, Juan Rodriguez

Our PANORAMAH! system of sliding windows also meets the most stringent technical
requirements, providing guaranteed thermal insulation, and the excellent watertightness. There is no limit on the number of casements; they can be motorised, and full opening angles are one of the details we have completely mastered.What is more, it is possible to design window systems with up to 4 rails.

The size of our casements is limited by the sheets of glass available on the market; namely 18M2. The maximum height of our components is 6000mm.

All types of glass may be used, with triple glazing giving our system exceptional thermal performance.

All that may be imagined is real:

- Opening angle
- Surface area of casements
- Maximum height
- Unlimited opening
- Wind resistance
- Air permeability
- Watertightness
- Sound insulation
- Removal of interior/exterior sills

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