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Colour: orange

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Panelite™ Cast Polymer Series panels use the same honeycomb core technology as Laminated Series panels, but instead of using pre-fabricated facings laminated to the honeycomb, facings are cast directly onto the cores. Although the casting process yields a slightly heavier panel, at 2.5 pounds per square foot, it also provides a much stronger core to facing bond while maintaining an excellent strength to weight ratio. This makes the Cast Polymer panels ideal for a wide range of applications, including light load bearing and furniture applications,
vertical walls, doors, and ceilings.
Cast Polymer Series panels offer the greatest design versatility of the Panelite™ range.

Core: aluminum over-expanded, 3/8” x 5/8” cell

Facing Options:
[RC] untinted polyester resin
[R*] tinted polyester resin
Standard colours: clear (C) blue (B), very light blue (VLB), dark blue (MUB), red (R), dark red (VFR), magenta (M), orange (O), green (G).
Custom colours: provide Pantone® number or color chip

Product Codes: Core + Facing
eg: AO/RC = aluminum overexpanded, 3/8"x5/8" cell + untinted polyester resin

Panel Dimensions:
core: 48” x 96”, 48” x 120” standard

Panel Thickness:
1" or 1-1/2" standard

Custom Thickness:
Subject to availability

Perfomance/ Aesthetic Criteria:
Exterior Use: Pending
Class C fire rating: For flame spread only
Class A fire rating: No
Integral edge option: Yes
Curving: Yes – curved in production only
Standard Colors: Clear, Dark Blue, Blue, Very Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Red, Dark Red.
Custom colors: Yes, no minimum order
Easy to cut, drill, machine on site: Yes
Pre-fabricated elements built to order: Yes

Relative Characteristics:
Stiffness: High
Light transmission: Medium
Privacy: High
Sound transmission: Low
Weight: Medium (2.5 psf)

Walls: Yes
Doors: Yes
Ceilings: Yes
Facades: No
Wet applications (shower, sauna): Yes
Furniture: Yes
Light load-bearing (work, dining, display surfaces): Yes
Recommended Installation system: Panelite™ ITL or Panelite™ PFS